Sammi and Deena from Jersey Shore Talk Books and Drinking Contests

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Arguably one of the most important anthropoligcal studies of our time, MTV’s smash-hit reality show Jersey Shore has made cultural icons of its cast. We are fascinated by their dialect, charmed by their traditional guido garb, and stunned by their cast-iron livers. I had the pleasure of chatting with Sammi and Deena the other day, and was able to ask the hard-hitting (ok, not so hard-hitting) questions.

Here are some highlights from our interview:


On dealing with The Situation:

SAMMI: “I think Mike is just in his own world…you just have to accept every part of Mike. He’s a part of our family, he’s a part of us.”



Who can drink more, Snooki or Deena?

S: “(Deena) and Nicole drink on the same level.”

DEENA: “I think Snooks could outdrink me. There’d be times I gave up and went to bed, and she was still going hard.”

S: “There would be times where Nicole would be in bed and Deena would be out going hard too, though. They’re both the same drinking meatballs.”



On literature:

D: “My favorite book? Twilight.”

S: “I would have to agree with that.”


iPhone or Blackberry?

BOTH: “Blackberry for life!”


How long does it actually take you to get ready?

S: Two hours.

D: I could pull an hour and a half, maybe.


Listen to the whole interview above and be sure to watch the season finale of Jersey Shore tonight at 10pm on MTV!