Real Life Style Inspiration: Chelsea Rea!

I usually post about celebrity style or designer fashion collections, but I realized most of my personal style inspiration comes from real life people! I’d like to introduce you to one of my top fashion and lifestyle inspirations: Chelsea Rea (that’s pronounced RAY)! She is a model and blogger from Vancouver, B.C., Canada who describes herself as a thrift store junkie (she collects vintage stuffed animals/toys/games), pizza addict and future crazy cat lady. I was first introduced to her through her incredible tumblr (I’m a bit of a tumblr fanatic myself), which instantly became a favorite of mine. I found myself constantly “reblogging” her posts – consisting of all things Ghost World, candy, stickers (she covers everything she owns in stickers), glitter hairspray, anything by John Waters, Garage Rawk, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, B movies, Jem & The Holograms, punky colour, and Kitsch…I basically felt like she really “got me.”

I was obviously super excited to get the chance to ask her some real “fashion” questions. I discovered her biggest inspirations are girls in bands (Be Your Own Pet, Bratmobile, The Muffs, The Velvet Underground). When asked to describe her personal style, Chelsea explained how she likes to make cheap things awesome, and always colorful and fun! Although she spends most of her spending money at thrift stores, she likes to splurge on the occasional Betsey Johnson dress (her most prized possession is a pink lace Betsey Johnson dress – it looks like cotton candy)! She also mentioned that nothing beats a pair of tacky white heels which made me love her even more! Chelsea isn’t sure what the future holds, but for now she’s excited and busy getting ready for Halloween. If she could befriend any famous person it would be Courtney Love and she dreams of one day going to Disneyland (she’s never been).

Check out this incredible gallery to see her super cool style, clothing, rad accessories and AMAZING hair (her hair color changes so much I can’t keep track)! I truly love making great friendships online. I always find it fascinating how you can actively seek out people who share significantly common qualities. Make sure to visit her INCREDIBLE Tumblr and get lost in the sea of amazingness…trust me, it’s addicting! Lastly, check out another one of my favorite blogs she contributes to, Ice Cream and Pizza (the name speaks for itself).