Radio Disney’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Season 4 Kickoff

On Saturday, October 15th, Buzznet joined a mass of excited teenagers at Hollywood and Highland to check out the contenders for season 4 of Disney’s Next Big Thing. We were lured there by headliners Allstar Weekend who, as it turns out, are NBT alumni themselves.

After a VIP reception where we were introduced to the stars (and after witnessing an account of insane fandom by a girl fan who spotted a star from Disney’s “Shake It Up”) it was time for the showcase to begin. The first pint-sized performer to take the stage was Zack Montana. I can’t remember what his singing was like because I was distracted by his flurry of dance moves.

One of the singers who stood out to me was Shealeigh, who covered V.V. Brown’s ‘Shark in the Water’, Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’ and Florence and the Machine’s ‘Dog Days Are Over’.

Third up was Ladina, who had a look (red hair, blue leopard print leggings, black netted top) that was more fierce than her voice.

Tay was a sparkly little Taylor Swift-ish type who belted out some heartfelt tunes and had some great harmonies.

Hollywood Ending was the young rock band, and probably music y’all could get into if you dig Allstar Weekend.

Allstar watched them from the VIP area and kids were flipping out and pointing.

And then, of course, there was those charming lads from Allstar Weekend to round out the day.

Their setlist:

Mr. Wonderful

Come Down With Love

Bend or Break

Do It To Me


Dance Forever


Be There

Blame It on September

Teenage Hearts

Not Your Birthday

Pretty solid, no?

Over the next ten weeks, the 5 aspiring artists will compete for listener love, and the winner will be named in December of this year.

For more info on NBT, visit Radio Disney.

See photos of Allstar Weekend and all the other talent HERE.