Question of the Day: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?

Food is fun. Sometimes it’s really nom-y and sometimes it’s like:

Did I ever tell you the story about when my parents left my sisters and me in Tijuana, Mexico for a week? I think I might have. Anyway, I think when we were driving down there, we went to someone’s house that my horrible step mother knew. They were really rich. I knew this because they lived in a two story house with like a lot of rooms and had a pool or something.

Moving right along, we were eating this soup and it was pretty good. When our parents were taking us to where they were going to ditch us, they asked us what we thought of the soup. We were all “Oh it was nummerz.” Then, my parents were all “O LOLz U GUISE ATE TURTLES” and I cried a bunch or something because I was really into TMNT. So yeah.

Also, Mexicans eat everything. If you can fry it or put it in a tortilla, it’s fair game. O GOODNESS I JUST WROTE THAT. I have eaten tripas before. I used to like cleaning them with my grandma because they are stretchy like nylons made out of skin. My grandma got mad at me once because I made sleeves out of them and walked around and she didn’t think it was funny.

I’ve never eaten tongue because NO. They sell it in tacos, burritos, etc. OMG carnicerias are the worst places to go, ever. There are heads of every kind of farm animal just chillin in cases and I can’t. I used to wait outside when I would go to El Monte with my grandma and people would legit give me candy and I would take it.

No wonder I became vegan. I mean, I was force fed hella meats as a kid. OMG I JUST REMEMBERED: my parents made me eat a rabbit. They sat me down at a table and did that whole, “YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE TABLE TILL YOU’RE DONE” thing. I have legit food trauma. It was gross. I cried and ate bits of rabbit at the same time.

I am going to stop now because this is probably the LONGEST QOTD I have ever written and I could keep going with all the nasty stuff my parents made me eat as a kid. Now it’s your turn.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?