Question of the Day: What’s the Most Outlandish Thing You’d Do For Something You Really Wanted?

I’ve done something horrible. I stayed up last night and haven’t gone to bed. Well, that isn’t entirely true, for I slept on the sidewalk with some strangers. You might be asking youself why I did this and in all honesty, I am too. I suppose I have this thing in me that keeps me from deferring gratification and I’m constantly singing “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” a la Black Flag in my head.

I’ve made a huge mistake.

I waited in line to acquire an iPhone 4S. I probably didn’t need to but I wasn’t going to sleep last night anyway. I guess I was still excited from playing “Little Nemo” and “Double Dragon.” I was also watching hecka Battlestar Galactica and sleeping after that is impossible. CYLONS.

Anygays, waiting in line for a phone that I probably could’ve purchased later might not have been my greatest idea. Apple is probably going to release the iPhone 5 in like a month or something and then I will be a sad panda. Great.

~Kinda feel like this right nao~

Now it’s your turn. Tell us something that you would do so that you could get your hands on something you really wanted. Maybe you’ve done something crazy already. Share that story with us. WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS. I need to go to bed.

What’s the most outlandish thing you’d do for something you really wanted?