Question of the Day: What Was Your Favorite Childhood Halloween Costume?

Is it too early to talk about Halloween? Probably not. It’s never too early, right? I haven’t even made my costume yet but meh, we aren’t here to talk about that. We are here to talk about when you were a bb and got all gussied up so you could go and beg for free candy.

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Story time!

When I was a kid, my step mom had this phase where she was going to make up school so she could work at the Lancome booth in the mall or something. Anyway, since she knew I loved make up as a kid, she would teach me how to do stuff, much to the chagrin of my pappy. Naturally, I had the best costumes ever as a youngling.

Anymews, in like the 6th grade or something, I decided to dress up as my Grandma. Why? I don’t really know but my dad FLIPPED OUT. He and my mom got into a legit “I’m not talking to you anymore” argument because my dad was being butts. He didn’t want his only begotten son parading around in a dress and make up. Not masc, bro.

Since I was being me, I did it anyway and I looked really fabulous and everyone loved my costume. My dad had a “talk” with me about how boys weren’t supposed to wear dresses and I was all “It’s Halloween” and I’m pretty sure I got slapped or something.

Look at your son now, dad!

So for me, I liked being anything that could upset my dad. Once, I was a 70’s drag queen but that wasn’t a stretch from my fishnets/black nail polish and lipstick ensembles. I was even a dead Jesus once. That was fun. I also used to listen to a lot of Deicide and stuff so it was fitting of the time.

OMG I am writing a lot. Now it is your turn.

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume?