Question of the Day: What’s On Your Bucket List?

I am just going to go ahead and tell you how unproductive I am being today. I am sitting here on some live stream listening to all the updates coming from the #letstalkiphone Apple conference. That being said, I am supposed to be doing things like giving you awesome stuff to talk about in the form of the QOTD.

I CAN’T FOCUS ON ANYTHING. I don’t even know why this is happening. Let’s talk about buckets:

If you have yet to check out KeltieColleen’s Bucket List Gallery, you should head on over and take a peek at what things she wants to do before she finds her bucket in the sky. So let’s talk Bucket Lists.

A Bucket List is a list (herr derp) of things you want to do before you perish. Here is my list of things:

  1. Go to India
  2. Live in another city
  3. Finish school
  4. Recreate the potter scene from “GHOST” with my partner
  5. Be Level 5 vegan

What about you? What’s on your bucket list?