Project.Inspire.21 #14 featuring Irene

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“They hear me, but they don’t really listen to me!”-Britney Spears-

This is another quote that I feel connected to since the moment I listened from Britney. I think I have a lot in common with her, and this is one of the things. I usually talk a lot, I’m a very long winded. I always have a topic to discuss and I really love talking with people. It’s one of the best remedy against boredom. And I have also a great memory. I remember a lot of stuff, also of past years and of different people. This is because I listen when someone talks to me and I’m not thinking about my things. It’s also because I am really polite with people. It’s not good not to listen when someone talks to me because I would want people to listen to me when I talk. So I become really angry when someone doesn’t remember the little things I said, or when I’m trying to explain something, or giving an advice… and sometimes I feel like it’s better to talk to a wall that if it could talk, it would to answer to me. And this thing happens to me a lot of times. At times, I arrive at some point where I have absolutely no desire to talk with people about my thoughts and opinions because I know they’re not listening to me. Why?

Written by: Irene (Italy)