Photo Diary: Shopping with Mandi Perkins from of Verona!

My fellow singer & songwriter friend, the very talented Mandi Perkins from of Verona–an amazing band you should check out immediately; listen to “Castles” here–needed some new clothes before she left to play some shows in New York, so I took her to a few of my favorite spots on Hollywood Boulevard! So much fun! Here is our day of fashion, photographed by Catie Laffoon.

Where we went:–Lallure, a super fun Japanese clothing shop. They have dope accessories, shoes, jackets… kitsch galore. And they gave us some fabulous t-shirts, which I will post a photo of soon!–LA Roxx, one of my favorite places in LA. It’s in the back of a sex shop, but they have THE most incredible spiked and studded jackets, bizarre hats, pleather bodysuits, everything. Just beware the prices.-Lady Studio Exotic Shoes-American Vintage