The Perfect Playlist For A Lone Weekend

My friend and co-administrator of Lost in the Stereo group, Antigoni, sent me a message, talking about the last week challange she thought “The Perfect Playlist For A Lone Weekend”, a playlist from 12 to 20 songs you could to listen when you are at home and when your weekend is lone.

So this is mine, I tried to put inside different styles and genres, the list is not in order of preference or anything, just a list 🙂

I hope you like it!

1. Evanescence – My Immortal

I usually listen this if I’m lonely or it’s a rainy weekend. It’s one of the best ballad ever!

2. Sing – Glee Cast (My Chemical Romance Cover)

I think this is the perfect song for to pull out all your angry, sadness, loneliness… I love the original version, but after have seen and listened this version from Glee Cast also in concert version, I can say it rocks so much!

3. Everyday – Britney Spears

In this song just misses the noise of the raindrops on the window, I really love this song, this unreleased song from Britney’s last album Femme Fatale, her wonderful Southern voice comes out in this magic ballad

4. Thursday’s Child – David Bowie

I couldn’t leave the White Duke of Rock apart, this is one of my fav song of him. He’s simply a poet and music needs him again! The video deserves to be watched too!

5. Utopia – Within Temptation ft. Chris Jones

I have a particular obsession for this song, it’s magic and one of the best in the world! I listen it everytime I feel the need to cry or to think to myself, the life is precious and we have to live each second and it’s a song about love too! The video is one of the best ever! I cry everytime I watch it! I hope to have the pleasure to listen this song live on October 17th, at WT concert!

6. Long Way To Happy – P!NK

P!nk is outspoken and talks about every topic in her song, after Fuckin’ Perfect, this is my fav song of her.

7. 2000 Watts – Michael Jackson

The perfect song for to charge you. A great electrical discharge of 2000 Watts and your lone weekend turns in a great one!

8. The Poet And The Pendulum – Nightwish

This song speaks on its own and it tells a story. An atmosphere between Gothic and a Tim Burton movie, all the instruments have an important role during this composition of almost 15 minutes.

9. In Your Shadow (I Can Shine) – Tokio Hotel

Coming back on ballad, this is one of my fav about Tokio Hotel. Talks about how much two persons can be linked and can’t leave without the other one and how much the life sucks without the other sweet half

10. I Feel Immortal – Tarja

My fav Tarja’s song ever! The Ice Queen of symphonic metal enchantes everyone with her voice.

11. Leave Out All The Rest – Linkin Park

Linkin Park are able to mix a lot of different genres together and never lost their talented. This song shows it!

12. Krieger Des Lichts – Silbermond

I really love this German rock band and this song is awesome, talks about to don’t to be afraid about your mistakes, to be able to forgive and forget, talks about the life

13. Against All Odds – Phil Collins

A lot of love and a lot of ballads in my playlist, this happens when you are in love , even though love always isn’t perfect but there are ups and downs

14. Doing Fine – Monrose

If someone makes you suffer it’s hard to be fine and to go on

15. Ohne Dich – Rammstein

Maybe not all are able to listen this German band, but not because you are stupid or something similar, but because this band has a particular sound but this song deserves a heard. Once again talks about love, and the fact if two persons have to be together it’s hard to be without the other, without you (Ohne Dich) and everything seems empty

So, what do you think about this playlist? Do you like some of these songs? Which could be yours?