Pennies and Carrot Sticks: Halloween with the New York Rivals

Indie rockers, New York Rivals are helping us celebrate the arrival of October with an exclusive Halloween interview. Check out what they had to say about the most spooky time of the year!

If you were a ghost, which place would you choose to haunt?

Any girls locker room (Gianni)

Which horror movie villain could you outsmart? The Thankskilling turkey. If you can sit through this movie in one shot with no breaks I’ll literally give you $5.

When was the last time you were truly frightened? Sometimes Gianni hovers over us and breathes heavy while we sleep…It’s really weird and kind of scary…

What’s the most unintentionally scary person place or thing you can think of? I was in an elevator with Bruce Vilanch

If you had the sweetest pumpkin carving skills in all the land, what kind of masterpiece would you create?

Hot Sauce

What are the 3 best Halloween candies? I like when old guys give me pennies

Zombie, werewolf or vampire? Zombie

Do you have any great trick or treating memories of your youth? My dad was a dentist so I only got carrot sticks and tooth paste

How old were you when you stopped trick or treating, and was it your decision? I like turtles

What songs would you put on a playlist to creep people out? DMB-Everyday

What is your favorite Halloween memory?