Oct 3rd, 2011 – Britney Live In Zurich, CH // A Dream Came True… Literally

Hello guys,

finally I come back home and I can tell you everything about those last special days, if someone of you already don’t know where I’ve been, well, I was in Zurich for Britney Spears concert, OMG! I can’t believe it yet, but I have to, because I was there and I’ve seen Britney with my eyes! *_*

So, what I have to tell you is a lot, I hope you have the patience to read this blog and I hope you like my photos and all the rest!

Almost all the pics have the copyright with my YT nickname because I won’t people steal them!

October 2nd, 2011

I wake up at 5am, I’m so excited, can’t wait for the day after! We (my parents & I) take the suitcase and go in station. At 6:35am the train leaves Trieste for Milan, then there at 1:10pm there will be another train for Zurich. But how we go on this train they say this train arrives only till Chiasso and then we have another train for Zurich, because there some problems with Switzerland’s trains, I really didn’t understand so well the reason why of this double change, but it’s a problem old of 8 months… so, doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to arrive in Zurich.

A little curiosity: the train conductor announced this change and he said that the other train waited first on the tracks number 4 then on the 7 one. Those two numbers pursued me for all my permanence in Zurich, and for this reason today I played to LOTTO 😉

By the way, at 5pm we arrived in Zurich, a really wonderful city, even though too much expensive, I hope to come back there really soon for other concerts or events… we take a taxi for the hotel, IBIS HOTEL far 700m to Hallenstadion. The number for to call a taxi is 044 (Zurich area code, once again another 4) 777 77 77 (7 times the number 7, Oh God!)… and we have the room 444! This is not a case, I have to say!

After have paid the hotel, we asked infos for buses for the centre and stuff like that, because I have to go to that hotel I found because I was sure there was Britney. The receptionist said that we have to take bus number 11 (well, 4+7 = 11). First to go in centre, we go at the Hallenstadion and I ask where the entrance for tomorrow was, we ate a hot dog because a simple pizza with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil was something like 17/19 CHF (17/20$ O.o – here in Italy a simple pizza like that is something like 4/5 € (5$)… then we decide to go in centre for the hotel. I was so excited and I prayed God for to help me because it was really important for me… the hotel I found completely not available is Zurich Marriott so it had to be the right hotel. I enter with my dad and I go at the reception and I ask: Excuse me, is there Britney Spears? The receptionist answers me: I don’t know! And she smiles me in a way I wanted to punch her face, she was lying, I could clearly see! But I continue to ask: Do you know where is she, in which hotel? And she was doing other stuff and she continued to answer me: I don’t know, I’m sorry!

I’m not stupid so I ask: If Britney was there you didn’t say it to me, did you? And for the third time she disappoints me saying she didn’t know anything. So, I thank her as well and when I was going out, I turn my head on my right and on the sofas of the hall I saw Felicia Culotta, ex Brit’s assistant, now VIP assistant of Femme Fatale Tour, she was talking with a blond short haircut girl. My heart stops to beat and I say to my dad: FELICIA! He says: Who? And I: OMG! I go toward her and I ask: Felicia? And she says: Yeah!

OK, in that moment I was dying, I started to didn’t understand anything and my English turned to be so bad for the emotion XDDD I said: OMG! I’m Britney’s fan for 13 years! And I give my hand to her, she does the same and she stands up: “Nice to meet you!” she said with a big smile on her face “Are you here for the concert of tomorrow?” and I say: “Yes! It’s my first time ever!”

Felicia: “This is so cool! What’s your name?”

I: “I’m Irene!”

Felicia: “Where are you from?”

I: “Italy”

Felicia: “Where exactly?”

I: “Trieste, it’s 2 hours far from Venice!”

Felicia: “OMG! I really love Italy and Italian. I really would like to come there so much. Because it’s a wonderful country and I really wanna learn Italian!”

I wasn’t understanding anything, I was in front of Felicia, and she was talking to me, OMG!

Then she says: “This is Ashley Dye, she’s hair and makeup stylist of Britney’s dancers!”

Ashley: “Nice to meet you!”

I: “Nice to meet you too!”

I was almost crying and I tried to don’t make fall down my tears

I: “Can I ask you to give a gift to Britney by me?”

Felicia: “Absolutely, I will do! But tomorrow, she isn’t there right now, she comes tomorrow with her babies!”

I: “Thank you so much!”

And I give to her the package for Britney then I ask to her to shot a pic with her and Ashley and then to do an autograph for me, she was adorable! Really, I never met a sweet person like her!

Then is arrived another girl and she said: “This is Britney’s make up artist!”

And Marissa gives her hand and I do the same

Marissa: “Nice to meet you!”

I: “Nice to meet you too!”

Then I thanked once again Felicia and I said to her that I always loved her because she has always been so sweet with Britney and she said me also that the dancers was hanging around the hotel and the city and it was hard to find them.

I greet Felicia, Ashley and Marissa and I go out the hotel and I start to cry so much, I also called my best friend Antonella for to say what was just happened and she said me: “I felt it, I felt that was the right hotel, I felt you found someone because you deserve it so much, you are the biggest Britney’s fan ever!”

For to celebrate this I went to STARBUCKS for a Frappuccino and I was repeating on my mind that I have just talked with Felicia and I can’t believe it, because I was waiting for 13 years this moment and it couldn’t be true and real. But it was!

Then we came back to the hotel, I was so happy and I’m jumping all over the room.

The day after would be the best day of my life, I had to sleep, even though it wasn’t so easy because I had a lot of thoughts in my mind!

October 3rd, 2011

The day has come, at 8am I wake up, my stomach was so bad, oh God! I had to eat something, but not too much, I wasn’t able, my mind was focused on Britney Spears, at 10am I arrive at HALLENSTADION, there weren’t a lot of people, and I was already more calm, because I imagined a huge crowd in front of the arena, but it wasn’t!

At 6pm the doors opening – only 10 hours, I waited more in the past concert till the doors opening and in worse conditions than this one. I’ve been sat down for all the time, and only at 5pm I was up till the end of the concert.

There were a lot of Italian people, I met some sweet persons and the time passed more quickly than I thought!

At 5pm the people was literally crazy, I thought that if your adult you are different because you aren’t 12 years old anymore and you aren’t so stupid. All of us locked the doors of the arena, well, it was fault of the people I have in front of me, and the ones on my back, because on the other side, there were another entrance and there all the people was calm. I thought: “I always am in the wrong side!”

The security couldn’t open the door and we said to the people to go back because they can’t open the doors, finally we can enter after 1 hour, and at 6:30pm I’m inside the arena! I’ve never seen an arena like this one! OMG! A huge parterre! I ran and I arrived in front row, I can’t believe it!

I called my mom for to say I was inside the venue and then I called Antonella.

My mom then called me back because she said me the security strictly forbid the entrance of professional digital camera as the one of my dad and video cameras (even though I’ve seen some videos on YT shot with video cameras… so I’m just a little bit angry about this) and it was permitted only the digital camera as mine! Ok, I was angry but I said: ok, I have a great camera and my photos will be awesome!

A couple of minutes before 8pm a dj puts some house/trance music -.-“ ok, better than to stay immobile in front of the stage and to think second after second to the beginning of the concert, something that never passed if you think it! Then Destinee&Paris sang a couple of songs, I never heard anything about those two girls before, I have to say that was another pretext for don’t think to the time that remained before the show. Then at 30 minutes before the show on the screens appeared Britney’s face and the countdown.

That was the moment I always hated! I hadn’t to look at that screen.

I’ve seen also Edan, Britney’s bodyguard walking back and forth the VIP area, he is really short XDD

Still a minute: I started to cry

5… 4… 3… 2… 1

Ok, I’m dead!

The show is starting, the 44th show of this tour, with the video interlude and then HOLD IT AGAINST ME

I couldn’t to control my tears!

“IRENE YOU ARE AT BRITNEY’S CONCERT!” I was saying to myself!

Britney was there and I was seeing her with my eyes!

She’s damn sexy, gorgeous, awesome, fierce and sweet that all those adjectives aren’t enough for to describe her! If you have already seen her, you can understand me, maybe! I don’t know… because what I prove and feel for Britney is something anyone of you can have, maybe only a couple of you.

She’s so thin and she has a wonderful light around her, she’s so bright and her smile, to see her smiling is fabulous!

Brit came on my side a lot of times and she looked me once too! *_* during HOW I ROLL and I was: oh my Guinness! She looked at meeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

The concert was A W E S O M E!

In a few moments I thought to watching a dvd because I didn’t focus to really be there, I don’t know if you mean!

She’s really talented, I can confirm it once again, even though I already knew it!

Her voice is damn great and all her dancers are wonderful!

The time passed too much quick, I have to say! But it always is in this way!

You wait something for a lot of times and when it comes, it literally flies away in an instant!

I cried a lot, and also in the end, the boyfriend of a girl I knew at the concert shot to us a pic together, both we were crying and he said to us: “You have to smile! Don’t cry!” XDD

I took a lot of confetti during TILL THE WORLD ENDS *_*

Then I met my parents and I cried a lot with them too, they were so happy to have been there too!

My mom sang during the concert too and she was happy for Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know, because it’s one of her favs, she said Britney is so beautiful and my dad too.

Next stop at Britney’s merchandising: my parents already bought the tour book for me, a lot of people was there and I bought two tshirts *_* I can say that there were two merchandising kiosks, and both sold everything *o* I’ve never seen a sold out merchandising kiosk before!

I think I will never realized completely the fact I’ve been at Britney’s concert, it’s something I can’t explain, because I was waiting this moment for 13 years, but now I can say: I was there!

I will keep this day forever in my heart, thanks so much Britney for all the emotions.

I will never abandon you!

Love you so much,