New Found Glory ‘Radiosurgery’ Album Equation

New Found Glory are solidifying the fact that pop/punk is NOT dead with their seventh studio album, ‘Radiosurgery’. The Florida native pop/punk band began working on this album last summer on the Honda Civic Tour and were set on making an album that was pop/punk all the way. Well kids, they were very successful with their mission on this album.

‘Radiosurgery’ is has sweet guitar riffs, aggressive power chords, catchy choruses and confronting lyrics. All the elements of a great pop/punk album! This exactly the type of album I was hoping they would release and I am confident other longtime fans will agree.

So to break it down, here is some music math:

New Found Glory’s ‘Radiosurgery’ sounds like…

Having your young heart crushed by your first love.

Jamming out to music with your friends to get your mind off it.

Then moving on and realizing you are better off without them. YES!

Stand out tracks are ‘Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing’ and ‘Dumped’ – perfect examples of pop/punk songs. Enjoy!

You can pick up ‘Radiosurgery’ today and you can catch NFG on the Pop Punk Is Not Dead Tour.

What do YOU think of New Found Glory’s ‘Radiosurgery’?