Mickey Avalon: “Mr. Right” Comes to Boston

Mickey Avalon performing live at The Middle East Downstairs | Photo by Maya Jimenez

There’s really nothing anyone could write to do a Mickey Avalon show justice. With songs like “My Dick” and “Stroke Me,” to say his performance was “memorable” doesn’t even cover it.

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Mickey hit the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA on Sunday night, lingerie-clad dancer in tow, to deliver one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen this year (and that’s going against Britney Spears and Gagaloo). Watching his performance, I couldn’t help but be brought back to a time when the scene kids worshipped him and “So Rich, So Pretty” was every girl’s MySpace page song – when Mickey ruled our ears with his insanity. Despite his spot on The Hangover‘s soundtrack a couple years ago, to be honest, I’d almost forgotten about him until finding his show while scouring event listings last month.

Seeing him live gave me (and the rest of the packed house) reason to remember – and to put “So Rich” back on my “Getting Ready To Go Out” playlist.

Mickey Avalon performing live at The Middle East Downstairs | Photo by Maya Jimenez

There were stage dives, champagne showers over the audience and tons of kisses for front-row fans. And Mickey’s dancer really put the show over the top, proving to be his perfect sidekick while playing the roles of Mickey’s girl in “So Rich” all the way to the title character of “Jane Fonda” – and she had plenty of sass to boot.

Vocally, Mickey was on-point (not that it’s super hard to rap lines like “My dick is like super size/Your dick look like two fries”), and he made fans swoon with the swagger on his tracks only his voice can deliver.

Do anything you can to catch Mickey on tour, continuing around the U.S. through the end of the year. Just the right amount of 2006-era MySpace nostalgia combined with serious performance talent and a sexy dancer certainly makes it one not to miss.

Be sure to check out a couple clips from the show, below:

What do you think of Mr. Avalon’s cheeky lyrics? Too much, or just enough?