Lola’s Weekly Playlist: Week 1

Yeah, that’s right! This is the start of something wonderful. Here goes week 1:

1.) Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (featuring Kimbra)My roommate got me into this song and now I can’t stop listening. Kind of reminiscent of the Police at times, kind of just wonderful.

2.) Madonna – La Isla BonitaI only recently rediscovered this song and now it’s on repeat. This is what Gaga was going for with Alejandro, right? Suddenly I find myself wanting to lie in the tropical sun and take a Latin lover.

3.) College ft Electric Youth – A Real HeroYou probably already love this. It’s from the movie Drive, which was incredible if you didn’t know, and due largely in part to the soundtrack. This song is like… otherworldy.

4.) L.P. – SomedayI knew of L.P. from the songwriting world before I knew her music. She has such an incredible rockstar-esque vibe in person and everyone was always raving about her talent, but I never actually listened to anything of hers until my curiosity got the best of me a couple weeks ago… and holy shit. Have you ever heard such a voice??? This blows my mind.

5.) Tom Waits – New Year’s EveNew Tom Waits guys!!!! This album just came out. If you’re not a fan you really should be. This is the last song on the album and it makes me want to hug myself and rock in a fetal position. In a good way.

6.) Natalia Kills – Kill My BoyfriendAside from being a homegirl, Natalia is one of the more promising female pop acts to come out this year. This track is available on the deluxe version of her album, Perfectionist, and it’s one of my favs. Creepy and dark and sweet-sounding and delightful.

7.) Coldplay ft Rihanna – Princess of ChinaThe album this song is on also just came out, and I first decided to include it because I am fascinated by this collaboration, but turns out I really like it. Pretty epic and soaring and jangly, but would you expect anything else from Coldplay?

8.) Rihanna – We Found LoveI normally wouldn’t double Rihanna, but this song, and this video… I mean…

9.) Lana Del Rey – Video GamesI know her face is fake or whatever, but you can’t reeeally deny this song.

10.) Tom Waits – Hell Broke LuceIf the rest of the songs had you feeling vibey and chill, prepare for an assault on your ears. A sexy, slightly terrifying, fabulous assault. I’m in love with this song, also from his new album. I love you Tom.