Where’s Lola Blanc? Spot Me in These Music Videos!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a pop singer and I’m making my own music, but in the meantime, surviving in LA requires a bit of a hustle, so I’ve done the natural thing any young girl in Hollywood would do to make money: act (“act”) in other people’s music videos. I’ve made a stupid amount of appearances in videos over the past few years, not all of which am I proud of, but I do have a handful of favorites that would probably be worth watching regardless of my presence. Maybe. Here is a totally not indulgent retrospective on my career-on-the-side as a video ho.

Lights, by Interpol. Possibly my favorite. Dark and bizarre and LOOK AT MY HAIR. Directed by Charlie White:

If You Let Me, by Chrissie Hynde’s new project. The video had to be remade because, apparently, the violence was not appropriate for TV. I am a ruthless vampire! Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero:

I Confess, by kd Lang’s new project. I come in at about 2:16 for a lesbian love affair. I enjoy this. Directed by Aaron Brown:

Halfway Gone, by Lifehouse. One of my first videos! Catch me lip synching. Directed by Frank Borin:

Sexy and I Know It, by LMFAO. Look for my shredded leggings and prepare for lolz. Directed by Mickey Finnegan.