LISTEN: Three Free British Songs (And A Bonus) #2

Last week, I decided to share a few of my favourite free downloads from UK bands and due to some good suggestions from people, I’ve decided to make a second edition. Hopefully, this is something that I can continue to be a weekly post so if you want to see a band you like (or a band you’re in) included in this list, just let me know.

Three Free Downloads Of The Week:


Recommended to me by ‘BUZZNET original’ heyalex after last week’s post is London-born, partly Los Angeles based Graffiti6. The band is made up of Tommy D and Jamie Scott but they are also joined by other artists of the visual kind rather than musical to help create their colourful vibes. Their latest EP called ‘Free’ is due out October 11th, although ironically it will cost you money but from the sounds of the one-take recording below, it will be worth a few pounds. However, if you are only here for those that cost you nothing (there’s nothing wrong with that) then you can download Dr. Rossen Rossen’s remix of their track Annie You Save Me here. And yes, it is actually a remix that sounds different to the original for once so even if you don’t like “Free”, you may like “Annie You Save Me” and vice versa.

Links: Website, Facebook, Free Download

The Cape Race

Ok, ok technically The Cape Race are not giving away a free song and before you sigh and go “What? A free snippet? Hardly worth the energy to download!” you are wrong. You see The Cape Race are not offering a free song because they are offering an entire free ALBUM. It’s been online since July but seeing as I was yet to find it until today(creeped this little tweet about it), the chances are you’re not aware of it either. If you have already treated yourself to some complementary Manchester rock, you can sit there all smugly. If you haven’t (like me) then you can download it here and listen to what Rock Sound describes as “One hell of an accomplished set of songs”. Sounds too good to be true. Well, the band are asking for donations to help fund a follow-up so ultimately you may end up paying (either out of guilt or pure goodness).

Links: Website, Facebook, Free Download

Flood Of Red

Another BUZZNET recommendation (thank you Guna Campbell) was Flood Of Red who are clearly a fan of freebies as I first got familiar with them when their debut album ‘Leaving Everything Behind’ was a covermount on RockSound magazine. They’re very kindly giving away their latest single “No Lover Of Mine” for absolutely nothing. You can listen to it below and if you like it then you can download it here.

Links: Facebook, Free Download



On the subject of free LIVE music, I stumbled upon Rubylux playing an outdoor set (kind of like professional busking). They’re regulars at guerrilla gigging and despite the fact I live in the same city as them, I’d never seen them before. Anyway, like the rest of the bands of this list they also have a free download which is available by signing up to their mailing list over here. If you’re around when they’re playing your street, make sure you stop to watch and don’t rush by like I originally did. If you don’t get to see while you’re out and about, just download their free song.

Links: Website, Facebook, Free Download

Is there anyone you’d like to see on this list?