Kristen Stewart Injured on the ‘Snow White’ Set: What Happened?

Things must be pretty intense on the Snow White and the Huntsman set – star Kristen Stewart was reportedly injured, which put a halt to production until Friday. KStew’s costar Max Manganello, who plays one of the duke’s soldiers in the film, announced it on Twitter yesterday.

“It’s a wrap for today. Kristen has hurt herself … nothing scary. We shoot on Friday,” Max tweeted.

The tweet has since been taken down and unfortunately there is no other information on what happened. It sounds like Kristen’s injury wasn’t too bad – but the fact that the tweet was taken down so quickly looks like the powers that be didn’t want the injury leaking. Too late!

Here’s the tweet before it was taken down (courtesy of E! Online):

Snow White and the Huntsman releases June 2012.

What do you think happened on the ‘Snow White’ set?