Kina Grannis’ Tour Diary: Dublin and London

As singer/songwriter Kina Grannis heads out on her ‘World in Front of Me’ Tour, she’s keeping us all up-to-date with an exclusive Buzznet tour diary:

I am currently on a train to Paris. there’s a very cute baby sitting to my left making little bird-like sounds over and over. If it were anything other than a very cute baby, I might have a problem with that. The countryside is very pretty and reminds me of some areas I’ve been through touring the midwest…I like it.

It’s been a week since we (Jon, my manager, Jesse (Imaginary Friend) who is opening, and myself) arrived in Dublin, and I think as of today I might actually finally be done with jet lag. thank goodness! It was rough there for a while. Waking up feeling fully rested at 3:30am, feeling on the verge of passing out around 4pm, and then needing to find it in me to act sane enough to not scare away a room full of lovely people come show time. It’s been interesting 🙂

Shows so far have exceeded any expectations I ever could have had. The three sold out shows in Dublin, London, and London again have been packed with the friendliest, most courteous, most song singing-along-est (sorry for that), coolest-sounding (those accents!) people imaginable. The love and energy in these rooms have been so tangible and it’s really just blown my mind.

Ever since I stumbled upon the power of the internet nearly 4 years ago and found a world full of amazing people listening to and supporting and encouraging me on in my journey, I’ve been dying to get around the world to thank them all in person. Finally getting to do that outside the US and parts of Canada has been amazing. Many of these people have been involved for so long and have been such a significant part of my last few years that I feel as if I know them personally although we’ve never met. Seeing them at the meet and greets is like a happy and long-awaited family renuion/awkward first meeting wrapped into one.

In our time off, we’ve managed to do a lot of running and exploring the cities. in Ireland we even took a day trip to a little fishing village called Howth. It was very charming and full of beautiful things, like this lighthouse and this little bay.

On one of our runs in London we ran through Regent’s Park, which nearly left me breathless at every turn. Huge fountains, groves of trees, rose gardens… it made me sad there’s nothing similar to this to run in at home in LA. Loved it.

We’re just about to Paris now. show tonight and then hopefully some time to explore the city. can’t wait!

More from me soon…


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