Kina Grannis Tour Diary #3

It’s very weird to be back in Southern California. I got in a little over a day ago and I’m already missing Europe. The one thing helping me cope with this is that apparently I’m doing it all again in February 🙂 So I suppose I’ll survive…

Since writing the last tour diary I’ve had shows in Cologne, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels and London.

*Random aside* I am coming up on my 20th hour of being awake today and jetlag is hitting hard. It is very possible that this diary gets really lame really fast.

So here’s what I remember.

Cologne. I spent many hours alone in my freezing green room, layering towels on myself for warmth, and eating way more candy than I ever wanted to in order to stay awake. The show was great. The people were lovely. I said “gesundheit” and felt cool about it.

Berlin. It was the biggest show of the tour and my first double encore ever! The green room had yummy grapes. The show was great. The people were lovely. I lost my iPhone and it was very sad. (It has since been replaced, but its memory lives on.)

Copenhagen. One of the most unique looking cities I’ve ever seen. Discovered that under the table in my green room was a fake wall and a crawl space. Upon further exploring it, I discovered the mirror in my room was a 2-way mirror. Very creeped out. The show was great. The people were lovely. Happiness ensued.

Brussels. Mussels. Wafels. Chocolate. The show was great. The people were lovely. I’m still eating chocolate.

London. Played a free show at St. Pancras station and clogged up the main walkway–yes! I also inherited an awesome red hat.

Last show of the tour was great. The people were lovely. I forced Imaginary Friend to come back up on stage and sing a duet with me during my set. He has since reported that he basically blacked out for the entirety of the song. Surprises are fun 🙂

All in all… wow. I feel incredibly lucky. Europe, you were great to me, thank you for everything, and I can’t wait to see you soon!