Kat Von D Calls Out Jesse James: ‘My Cheating Ex’

It’s tough enough to deal with a messy breakup on your own, but to have it publicized to the world is even harder. Most celebrities keep it under wraps, but Kat Von D isn’t one of those celebrities. Kat is not afraid to set the record straight about her highly publicized breakup with ex Jesse James.

On Monday, Kat took to her Twitter to talk about her upcoming book, and wasn’t afraid to mention what her book WON’T contain. She wrote:

WOW! We know the reason Jesse’s ex-wife, America’s sweetheart actress Sandra Bullock left him was because of his cheating ways, and while it was never confirmed that he cheated on Kat as well, her tweet was more than enough confirmation of the truth.

Kat and Jesse first broke up in July, only to get back together in August. The two split up again late September – and this time it looks like it’s for good!

As for a second-time-around reconciliation of the two, you can pretty much count that out. When asked by a follower if she was with Jesse, Kat gave a simple yet powerful “Hell no.”

Are you surprised that Kat Von D called out Jesse on Twitter? Who do you think she should be with instead?