What the Hellz? Introducing BOTB Clothing!

I’d like to introduce you to this unique new collection, BOTB, by Lanie Alabanza-Barcena (creator of the trail blazing street brand, Hellz Bellz). BOTB’s highly anticipated collection, titled “Movers and Shakers,” looks amazing! Lanie did an awesome job combining her tough girl mold with a more light hearted approach – mixing high end sensibilities with the original edgy aesthetic of Hellz Bellz. The brand describes it as “an ode to modern day’s subculture youth” portraying the fast paced lifestyle of the current zeitgeist. I absolutely love it! It’s so bold and daring…strong yet feminine, aggressive yet gentle…it is a label for the women who don’t live by a set state of mind but by the whim of their motives. Pretty much everything I stand by! Check out BOTB’s Fall/Winter photos here!