Hot or Not? Elettra Wiedemann Gets Ruffled Up

Now don’t get me wrong, a ruffle in and of itself is not a bad thing. There have been many good, and dare I say, great ruffles. However, more often than not, the ruffle is cruelly and unjustly abused, and all of the ruffles of the world have to suffer ill repute as a result. In this case, model Elettra Wiedemann is dancing (the can-can, from the looks of it) upon a thin line. She wore this colorful YSL frock to the Vanity Fair Man Of The Year Awards in Madrid, and while the dress does have a certain charm (pretty colors! feminine billowy skirt!), there’s just something a tad “please refill my chips and can I have another flaming margarita” about it, no?

What do you think? Is this dress festive or fiesta?