Halloween! DIY Dexter Victim Costume! :)

This year I decided to dress up as a victim of DEXTER! To those of you who watch the show you will greatly appreciate it! if not, sorry your going to think I’m crazy, or that I look like a tampon.

I had to dress up at work this year and I hate thinking of ideas. So I was watching the newest season of my favorite show Dexter and thought it would be a great idea to try and pull off! After some online help tutorials I seemed to do it pretty well.

If you want to do this as well, here are the steps that I took!

Materials needed:

1. 1 or 2 rolls of siran wrap. (depends how much of yourself you want to be covered)

2. Tape

3. The handle of a knife (I bought a costume one from CVS and just cut the “knife” part off)

4. Fake blood (I used corn syrup and red food dye.)

5. Under garments. I used tan dance shorts and tan boob covers lol.

6. A helping friend if you have one! I did it alone but having someone to help would have made it a ton easier!

So decide how much you want to be covered. I was working a halloween bottle service job, so I unfortunately had to make it a little more “sexy” than I wanted to, AND I needed some skin space so I wasn’t sweating my ass off. Litterally.

I taped my boobs, then started twisting the wrap in front, so It makes more of a shape rather than taping them down to my chest so I looked like a boy ha.

I did it until it wasn’t see thru anymore. Then moved down to my bottom half.

Make sure you stand with your legs apart so you are able to walk when you are done. The way I also did mine, was a little high waisted so it was easy to go to the bathroom.

After it isn’t see through anymore, take the corn syrup and red food dye, mix together to get a good color, then take a separate sheet of siran wrap and pour some on there.

Dont pour too much!!

THEN, take that piece and lay it on your skirt part, or if you made a dress, over your stomach (because that’s where dexter kills his victims!) THEN take the tape and tape over the bottom, top and sides of that sheet that has the blood on it so it doesn’t leek out anywhere!!!! Also tape down loose ends of siran wrap.

AFTER, take the knife handle and put it where the blood is! Duh a stab! and tape it down as best as possible!

THE FINAL STEP! take the blood you made and draw a little “cut” on your cheek where he takes the blood sample to put the finishing step on the costume! 🙂 let it run down your cheek to give it a natural look lol.

And there ya have it!! Dexter’s victim!!

It would be WAY cool if you had a guy friend to play Dexter!!!!

Have a fun and safe halloween!!! Hope this helps! 🙂