Fight the Capitol Via Your Pumpkin With These ‘Hunger Games’ Carving Patterns

I’ll admit it: I don’t actually know that much about The Hunger Games series other than it’s popular, Mark liked it, there’s some intense shipping wars in the fandom and it’s similar to but not the same as Battle Royale. That’s your disclaimer.

But I know there’s a ton of Hunger Games fans on Buzznet, and considering we’re getting all pumpkin-y right now for Halloween, I would feel bad if I didn’t pass on these patterns for Hunger Games Jack-O-Lanterns.

There’s even more over at the fansite “Down with the Capitol.”

Think you’ll try out a Hunger Games pumpkin this year? And no matter what you do with your pumpkin, remember to enter it in Buzznet’s Pumpkin Carving Contest!