My Favs Brit’s Outfits // Fall 2011 Edition

Happy Halloweeney my dear Buzzneters XP I wish to all of you to spend a great night eating a lot of candies and watching horror movies 😉

By the way, I’m here with my blog dedicated to Britney’s guardrobe and my fav outfits worn by Miss B those last two months. She always wears comfty clothes when she is hanging around the cities during her breaks of her Femme Fatale Tour or when she is going at the airport; classy for her UK promotion and really sensual during her new music video “Criminal”.

Check out my top 10 and enjoy 😉

10. Hanging in Paris (Oct 4, 2011)

Light pink top, black leggings and heels for her walk in Paris streets after Zurich concert the night before. She’s super cute and lovely.

9. At LAX – Direction: London, UK (Sept 14, 2011)

Military tee, her super comfty black leggings, studded shoulder bag and Indian style ankle boots, Britney is ready for to departure toward her Femme Fatale Tour UK promotion

8. Leaving the hotel in Paris (Oct 6, 2011)

A radiant Britney leaves her hotel in Paris with her adorable Ugg Boots in hands toward the venue, as every night she rocked the show in all her sensuality and seduction. Here she wears a blue jacket, a light blue top, skinny grey trousers and brown heels. Best touch: her makeup!

7.Arriving @ Kiis FM Studios (Sept 15, 2011)

Just landed in London, Brit hasn’t time to relax and goes at Kiis FM Studios with her usual ponytail, a cute Scottish pattern shirt, black leggings and Indian style ankle boots, the Londoners is so happy to see her in their city again, they know how much she loves London, for this reason she decided to shoot her new music video “Criminal” here.

6. Shooting “Criminal” Music Video (Sept 18/19, 2011)

Stay calm, that is only a toy gun, Britney is in love with a criminal only in her song and even though Londoners didn’t appreciate the fact she used a gun in her video, she is happy for the success of her tour and what her life is giving to her: a wonderful boyfriend that she usually calls as husband… Here she’s shooting her new music video “Criminal” and she wears a leather jacket, a white shirt, a pair of jeans (I think they are from her line Candie’s) and leather boots!

5. Greeting the fans from London (Sept 16, 2011)

Pic for her Twitter’s followers, Brit greets her fan from the roof garden of her suite in London before to do tons of interviews. She’s so beautiful with her curly long hair, the blue-grey shirt combined with a dark blue waistcoat and a pair of shorts.

4. Posing for the photographers @ Femme Fatale Tour Launch Party (Sept 16, 2011)

After the day full of interviews, Brit was at her Femme Fatale Tour Launch Party in a wonderful green and black short dress with the boots from her Candie’s line. Simply perfect!

3. Interview for Mtv News (Sept 16, 2011)

We are now in the top 3, and believe me, it’s been really hard to decide the position for those last three outfits. For Mtv News interview, Brit chose to wear a white ruffled shirt, a black waistcoat and a pair of shorts. Damn classy!

2. “Criminal” Music Video (Oct 18, 2011)

Just like a little movie, “Criminal” video opens with a ballroom scene where you can admire Britney in all her sensuality with this tight beige dress with lace decoration. She’s really a diva!

1. “Criminal” Music Video (Oct 18, 2011)

Ladies and gents, here is my fav outfit of this fall! No, it’s not a photo of 10 years ago, it’s from Brit’s last music video, “Criminal”. She’s damn fatale in these scenes where she dances and sings with a sensuality out of the schemes. It’s all a game of lengths and shorts, the all for to describe every line of her wonderful body. She’s the essence of the seduction, she’s Britney Spears!

Which is your fav outfits among those one?