Fashion In Film Volume 5: The Virgin Suicides

For my fifth installment I’d like to discuss the fashion from the inspiring film, The Virgin Suicides, written and directed by Sofia Coppola. The film, starring Kirsten Dunst, tells the story surrounding the suicides of the mysterious and sheltered Lisbon sisters. It’s set in a middle-class Detroit suburb during the 1970s and involves a group of boys trying to piece together the five sisters’ story in an attempt to learn about the mystique surrounding them. Like any good Coppola film, she pays intense homage to the period of the story through its fashion. There is a dream-like atmosphere at all times and the mood is whimsical, to say the least.

I must say I absolutely adore the fashionable Lisbon sisters. They portray a mixture of sweetness and sexuality. Costume designer Nancy Steiner lends to the virginal tone by dressing the girls in long white dresses of the 70s, nightgowns, and keeping their pale faces free of makeup. The girls effortlessly looked ethereal and beautiful. My favorite looks from the film are the vintage floral dresses and the “school girl” look with vest and white shirt. I also love the tiered lace dress worn by first-to-go youngest sister, Cecilia. These retro romantic looks are to die for (no pun intended)! There is something so visually striking about this film. Coppola does an amazing job of capturing the Lisbon sisters’ awkward transitions from the innocence of girlhood to womanhood. She makes a constant effort to let fashion speak for the girls. From the hazy lighting and the dark beauty portrayed by the Lisbon sisters, to the amazing soundtrack – this film is always an inspiration to me.