My famous iphone cover

sale-sale-sale-sale-sale sale-sale-sale-sale-sale So, I know a lot of my fans and followers- and fellow fashion savvy sistas noticed the sexy cell phone covers I ALWAYS seem to be rocking. I wanted to let you in on the secret…. my friend Gina and her girl Alexa are behind it all! They design the killer iphone covers their brand is called JAGGER EDGE check out the website

The covers are very high end and exclusive, they are priced STARTING at $100 ….HOWEVER- They are giving my friends a special treat for a limited time only!! The iphone 3gs cover is on sale for $24.99 this is such a steal! I’m so excited to be sharing this with you. MADE IN THE U.S.A 100 fine leather and stud hardware, handmade in california. sold at saks,barneys, shopbop and many other luxury boutiques since this sale is for my fans only YOU CAN ONLY GET THE JAGGER EDGE COVERS AT THE SALE PRICE OF $24.99 for the 3gs and YOU MUST CONTACT THE DESIGNER DIRECT AT: just say you saw the sale via designer Jazmin Whitley

The 3gs covers come in all different colors from BLACK to SILVER to PINK (those are my fav) make sure you check the website to see the different styles because they come in animal print, floral print and they are now avail for $24.99 this is a one time thing!! XOXO! Yours truly, designer Jazmin Whitley Li Cari