Exclusive Interview: Evanescence’s Amy Lee on the New Album

Evanescence’s new album Evanescence is finally out TODAY, and we were lucky enough to chat with the band’s co-founder and lead singer, Amy Lee about the writing process and inspiration behind the album that we’ve all been anticipating for years. Take a look at what Amy had to say and be sure to go enter the limited edition lithograph giveaway!

How was your approach different writing this new album vs. your earlier albums?

I usually write a record with one main collaborator. This time I wrote a lot with Terry and Tim, some with friend and programmer Will Hunt (same name, but not our drummer) and some with the whole band at once jam-session style. I really loved the collaborative spirit of this process. How have you changed as a person since the last release? Is it reflected in this new project?

I’m always changing, and so is the music. I think you can hear our growth as a band on this record, me pushing myself vocally and confidence in our sound- which means knowing who we are enough to be able to play around it a little.

Where did the inspiration for the lyrics from? What would you say is your favorite? Lyrics come from my heart, usually about my own experiences but there is some storytelling on this album too. I write about love and pain, life, death and dreams. I like my alone time, just thinking and processing- that’s usually when I get inspired. And I can’t pick a favorite! They’re all different and special to me for different reasons.

This album has a small orchestra on it — violins, cellos, violas, harps — what were those recording sessions like and what was behind the decision for including those sounds? String arrangements are a big part of our sound, the swooning emotion of a movie score intertwined with a heavy band. I don’t think it would be an Evanescence record without that!

What are the core themes of the album? Some themes are: Overcoming fear and the fight for freedom, love, loss, change, survival without bitterness, eternity, the ocean and life within dreams.

How much consideration goes into the order of the track listing? Plenty. I was thinking about it the whole time we were recording. But at the end of the day, you just have to go with what feels right.

Why did you decided to make this album, your third-studio album, self-titled? This is a band driven record. We’re a tighter unit than Evanescence has ever been before and that core- the band- is the driving force of the songs and the sound.

Which track off the album are you most excited to start playing live? “Never Go Back” is the biggest challenge. We’ve only played it live once so far and it was an incredible experience to survive it! It’s extremely difficult to sing and the piano part is no picnic either! But we all absolutely love the song so it’s very gratifying. The challenge is part of the allure.

What’s planned for a tour?We just started and plan to tour throughout next year at least. We have awesome fans all over the world and we want to reach all of them. Right now we’re touring the U.S. and Canada and with The Pretty Reckless and Rival Sons and then Europe with The Pretty Reckless and Fair to Midland.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? I’ll probably go as the chick from Effervescence.

Who in music do you admire right now? Any favorite new bands/music/artists? Lykke Li, MIA, Adele.

Be sure to pick up Evanescence in stores everywhere today, or click the album cover below to buy it on iTunes: