ELAN Debuts Sophomore Solo Album ‘We Are’

ELAN (Elan Atias) is best known for his role as the lead singer of the reggae band The Wailers – but now he is stepping out with his solo debut album.

ELAN’s new record, ‘We Are’ was a labor or love, written and produced by ELAN himself. ‘We Are’ is an acoustic effort with hints of various influences — but still holds true to his reggae roots, with catchy upbeat melodies and portrays a message of love.

“I believe no one just listen to one style of music. So ‘We Are’ drifted to a style that was inspiring from other artists that influenced me over the past couple years. It’s a singer, songwriter, roots, happy, fun pop music with a tinge of reggae that everyone can relate to in one way or the other.”

ELAN’s ‘We Are’ will be available October 18th.

Will you check out ‘We Are’?