How I Discovered Buzznet

I first used to lurk on Buzznet around 2008 purely because there were groups about bands I liked so I came on here for some humourous gossip. However it took me until 2009 to pluck up the virtual courage to sign up under the name callmeamy … but I never said anything (I probably forgot my password or something). In 2010 I fancied a name change and returned as happymess. I described myself as an “Unprofressional Music Lover” and listed my favourite artists as including “Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance etc” (not much has changed, eh?)….but I still never said anything apart from “WTF is BUZZNET!?”. My impatient self did not wait for an answer and I didn’t attempt to write here until a year later when Summer Of Buzz launched. When I saw the competition to become a featured blogger, I finally promised myself to join Buzznet again and post things. My first post recieved a little diamond and a lightning bolt with a ‘2’ by it which gave me the confidence to carry on blogging. There were dry spells when I wondered whether anybody cared about what I said but I endured the entire summer contest and hey, I won! Now I’m a buzzmaker and feel like I really belong here already so thank you guys. I don’t know why I was so scared to join in because you’re all lovely. Oh, and sorry but you’ll have to stick with me for a little longer as I plan to stay here as long as you’ll let me this time.