Dear Ryan Gosling: This is Your Twittervention. Please Start Tweeting.

It’s such a shame that heartthrob Ryan Gosling has a Twitter account, but doesn’t even use it! The fans are sick of Ryan’s absence from Twitterworld, so MTV News personality Josh Horowitz took it upon himself to stage a Twitter intervention (a Twittervention?) to get the actor to start tweeting again.

“Why do you suck so much at Twitter?” Josh asked.

“Is this an intervention?” Ryan joked. “I know… you’re right. I’m glad you said something.”

“I don’t want to just… Tweet. Nobody cares,” he said.

“Well, you’re right. I’m gonna figure it out. Should I just close it down?”

Let’s think about that folks… NO!!!

Check out Ryan’s Twittervention here:

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Why exactly did Ryan stop tweeting?

“There was a guy who was being me,” he explained. “But he was Tweeting the worst stuff, like, ‘Oh, tacos’…. So I got my Twitter back, and I started Tweeting. And everybody left my account because they were like, ‘That guy was way funnier than you.’”

Ryan added: “He’s a better me than me.”

Um, we highly doubt that R-Gos! Please start tweeting again!

So far @RyanGosling hasn’t tweeted anything about the situation… yet.

Do you want Ryan Gosling to start tweeting again? What would you want him to tweet about?