We Are The In Crowd Premiere New Video For ‘Rumor Mill’

Earlier in the month byericalauren shared some behind the scenes snaps of We Are The In Crowd on their set of their Rumor Mill video and today the pop-punk fivesome revealed the finished article over on MTV’s Buzzworthy blog. Yay! So if the photos of an abandoned hospital and a cobweb covered piano intrigued you, you can now see how all that imagery fits together. It’s the second most watched video on MTV today and singer Tay has tweeted to say she’s “stoked” at its premiere so make sure you check out what all the fuss is about:

If like me, you’re out of luck with the video player (because MTV hates everyone outside the US), you’ll have to make do with a non-geoblocked video preview and those previously mentioned ‘Behind The Scenes’ photos. However, I’m sure it won’t be long before someone sneaks it on Youtube. What do you think – rate or hate? Or are you somewhere in the middle?