Conspiracy Theory: Beyonce’s Fake (?) Baby Bump Collapses

Uhhh, what just happened you guys? When Beyonce sat down for her interview with Australia’s Sunday Night Show, her baby belly appeared to fold, collapse and regain shape in a matter of seconds. You can see for yourself in the video below at about 00:50 seconds in. Was she wearing some weird-o state of the art preggo Spanx? Or is she growing inside her the immaculate L. Ron Hubbard baby of Tom Cruise?


In the same interview Bey gave up her due date, which will be in February, but you would NEVER guess that she was carrying a little bey-bay judging by her new video. I mean, there is no way that she ISN’T pregnant, especially since we’ve all seen this picture:

What do you guys think? Whats the deal with that belly?!