Dani Vitale & BGirlShorty DIY Personalized Shirts + GIVEAWAY!

One of my best friends Shorty (aka B Girl Shorty) was in town for a break off of the Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour and we got together at the BUZZNET offices to make a little DIY video of how we personalize some items of ours! So many blog viewers/twitter pals always ask where we get most of our wardrobe, when I always tell them we do it ourselves! So we thought it would be an awesome idea to share with you all how we do it and what we use.

We got inspired on the Camp Rock 2 Demi Lovato Jonas Brother tour from our amazing wardrobe ladies (shoutout to Pink Mafia & Co.). They would personalize our costumes in such a cool edgy rock way. From there we took it to our everyday and dance clothes. Studding our shoes, purses, wallets, t shirts, jackes, vests etc.

Now, normally a shirt I buy at Target turns into a craft session, never wearing something right off the hanger. What’s the point when you can make it one of a kind! Now you can learn how to! Get inspired from what we show you and post some items you made at home and COMMENT TO WIN the Buzznet T-Shirts that Shorty & I designed & personalized! 😀 You have until FRIDAY OCTOBER 14th to enter so keep the comments coming!