Chickyyy Time

had such a wonderful day hanging & shooting with my girl natalia.. the first look was a bit of a glam seventies punk.. the second look i was in a bath, covered in bubbles, with bright red lips and cat sunglasses.. i can’t wait to see all the shots..

i wish i could stay in the moment.. my mind tends to wander and it’s hard for me to live in the now.. i over think everything and obsess on an outcome that hasn’t even happened yet.. i worry until i make myself sick.. i can never be content.. i constantly have something on my mind.. something that isn’t right.. something that makes me anxious.. i know everything is always going to be ok but why can’t my mind settle with that.. with time i hear this gets easier.. i want to feel present in that moment.. not in an alternative reality having to guess if this was a dream or not.. my mind is a mess.. oh well..