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Tues, Sept 27, was an amazing night for all MCR fans. I met up with some of the MCRmy Dallas before show while waiting to go to a Blink-182 meet & greet (I really wanted to meet MCR, but you take what you can get). Once the m&g ended I headed to the administration office to get my photo pass (side note: a huge shout out of thanks to Nada for letting me use her SLR to shoot the show). After a little confusion and missing Matt & Kim, I signed MCR’s photography release paper, put on my media wristband and was then escorted to the stage. I set the camera on sport mode for high speed shooting just before the lights went down and the BLI woman showed up on big screen.

First Ray then Frank & Mikey, and finally Gerard appeared on stage as “Na, Na, Na” began play. I don’t think I removed the camera from my face the entire song, but sang every lyric right along with Gerard and the rest of Gexa Energy Pavilion.

The second song on the setlist was “I’m Not Okay,” which was okay by me since it’s my favorite song. I so wanted to jump up and down with the crowd, but I had photos to take since this was my last song to shoot at the stage. Frank performed just as I had said he would in my fan blogger entry by rolling on his back while still playing guitar. But this show he decided to skip screaming “trust me”, and instead hawked a loogie at his mic. The song finished and my two-song stage photography came to an end so I returned to my seat center stage Row P.

Still wearing the media wristband, I was able to continue shooting with the SLR from my seat. I took in all the excitement from the crowd and sang along with every song, I totally can’t rememeber what songs were played in what order. But I do remember singing Our Lady of Sorrows, Mama, Famous Last Words, Helena, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, Welcome to the Black Parade, The Only Hope For Me Is You, Teenagers, Planetary (Go!), and Gerard closing the show solo with Cancer.

You may be asking why I haven’t given too many details of the show, but I’m gonna let my pics do the talking.

The show was amazing, the fans were awesome and MCR was fantastic as usual. Thanks again to MCR & Buzznet for giving me the opportunity to be the Dallas Fan Blogger. Sorry I didn’t get my blog posted within 48hrs, but life has been crazy since the show. I want to give a shout out to the MCRmy Dallas. I loved seeing all the old soldiers and meeting the new Killjoys. MCR has given me some of the most amazing memories & friends that I will have for the rest of my life!

**More pics posted on the Official MCRmy Dallas page