So, we didn’t do a wrap-up post last week because you guys COMPLETELY FLAKED on giving us music for Haunted Houses. I know you’ve got to have some great ones, after all, you gave us some AWESOME songs for zombies, so get over there and share haunted house music!

BUT BEFORE YOU DO THAT! Leave us something for this week’s playlist: Music for the Final Girl.

What’s “The Final Girl?” Basically, it’s the last girl left standing in a horror movie, generally the one who confronts the killer. Think Sidney from the Scream movies, Clear from Final Destination or Alice from Friday the 13th. Or, probably THE Final Girl, Laurie Strode from Halloween, played by Jamie Lee Curtis in the original and Scout Taylor Compton in the Rob Zombie remakes.

The final girl is a survivor, determined to make it through and able to summon a strength she might not have been aware of. Sometimes she’s saved by an intervening male, but to get to that point she has to get by on her ingenuity and fearlessness.

Once again, I’ll include my suggestion. “Goodnight Moon” by Shivaree.

Now, show us what you’ve got, Buzznet!