It’s October once again, Buzznet, and you know what that means: Halloween is on its way. And this year, we’re going to need your help putting together the soundtrack for the season.

So, I’d like to introduce the BUZZNET HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST PROJECT. Basically what this means: each Monday I’ll post the week’s theme and your challenge is to reply with songs that match that theme. You’ll have until Thursday to do so and each Friday I’ll be unveiling the list of suggested music.

What’s the point of this? Well, first of all, it’s meant to be FUN. Secondly, it’s to get you all sharing and suggesting songs for each other and to celebrate the diverse tastes Buzznet users have. Thirdly, who knows, some of the suggested songs might just get spun in a Buzznet Halloween room on Turntable!

ANYWAY, on to the important thing: this week’s theme. And we’re kicking off our playlist challenge with:


See, this Saturday is World Zombie Day and I’ll be celebrating at Pittsburgh’s annual Zombie Fest. So I’m in a very zombie mood right now. So, suggest songs for either fighting off the zombie hordes or for joining them.

I’ll kick it off with my suggestion! Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl.”

And remember to come back on Friday to see all of the suggestions!