Buzznet Is My Best Friend Ever!

I just come back home from university, after 4 hours of counterpoint and harmony, with a bad weather but happy because tomorrow it’s train strike so I can have a little bit of time for myself after to have been on the road for the last two weeks for two awesome concerts of Britney Spears and Within Temptation.

Today it’s my name-date, I almost forgot it! But this morning when I was going toward the station for to take the train for Uni, I opened my BlackBerry and I said: Oh, it’s October 20! It’s my name date!

So… today is a really cool date and Buzznet rends my days really colorfull and happy, and finally I recieved my BUZZNET Tee, just for my name-date! This is awesome!

Thanks so much to all Buzznet staff, you rock guys! One day I will come in LA for to say thanks so much for everything, for your support and your way to be so nice and sweet with all of us!

With Love