Becoming Vegan

I’m a vegetarian, and I’m considering going vegan. I know there are a lot of people out there like me, wondering how hard it will be to go vegan. I suggest doing what I’m gonna do.

Being a vegetarian is easier, we just have to eliminate meat and/or seafood from our diets. Vegans must eliminate all dairy, meat, seafood and any other animal bi-products from their diets.

Here are some steps to help you convert to becoming vegan.

1. Research. Research what kinds of foods you will need to look out for, and what is okay to eat. Also, be sure to check labels on questionable food items. You never know what’s in that can of soup. I find this website to be easy to follow, and it’s full of tons of helpful information. //

2. Plan. Figure out exactly what you plan to do to become vegan. I know I’m going to slowly ease into it. Becoming vegan is different than becoming a vegetarian. It’s much harder, and requires more effort. Remember, to be completely vegan, you must eliminate ALL animal bi-products, this affects clothing too. (Ex. wool and leather). Figure out how much you’re willing to give up.

3. Think. Really think hard about what you’re doing. Of course you can always convert back, but try to become dedicated and really put your plan into action.

4. Action. Finally, ease yourself into becoming a vegan. Put your plan in action. Also be sure to notify those around you that you’re now vegan, trust me it’s helpful.

Good luck on your quest to becoming a vegan! I’m currently on Step 1, but I’ll be sure to add more blogs about how it’s coming so far.