Adam Siska Announces He is Joining Say Anything

With the recent break-up of The Academy Is…, we were left wondering what the future held for the former band members.

Well, now we have at least one answer: bassist Adam Siska has announced he is now a member of pop-punk band Say Anything.

Siska made the announcement on Twitter, saying :I’m pleased to announce that I am now a member of the band Say Anything!!!!! I look forward to seeing you all on tour very soon!”

Sweet! It looks like there is still a go-to place for a healthy dose of Sisky Business!

EDIT: Here’s the official statement from Max Bemis himself!

“Having parted much more than amicably with alex last year (he’s still a dear friend), we knew it would be very difficult to find someone who can fill his shoes on both a professional and personal level, but we are so lucky that Adam happened to be available at exactly the right time, and somehow we seem to have ended up with both. This is a guy who is in a band for all the right reasons: a love for playing his instrument and a passion for music. We’re fortunate that Adam happens to deem our music worthy of being the focus of that passion and are so excited to have such an awesome new member of Say Anything.”