5 Reasons Why We Love Ashlee Simpson

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Ashlee Simpson today! The actress/singer turns the big 2-7 today and how amazing it’s been to see her grow up. Long gone are her acting on 7th Heaven and the early days of recording her debut album. Now she plays the mama role and takes care of her adorable son Bronx Mowgli. Even though she hasn’t been heavily under the radar, we still L-O-V-E her!


Here are reasons why we love Ashlee Simpson:

1. Her TV show was a guilty pleasure. Admit it, you used to watch it!

2. She obviously looks up to rock queen Gwen Stefani. Her video for “Outta My Head” paid homage to the No Doubt singer.

3. Pete Wentz is her ex-hubby and baby daddy to son Bronx Mowgli. How much does that ROCK?!

4. Her wicked sense of style. From her rock-influenced fashion to her more classic but fun look these days, Ashlee is no stranger to being a trend-setter!

5. Her songs are so relatable and very girl power-oriented. Remember her as a boxer in the video for “Invisible”?

What do you love about Ashlee Simpson?