5 Bands I Am Bummed I Will Never See Live Because They Broke Up

Bands break up all the time, but the WORST is when you haven’t had a chance to catch them live. In my opinion seeing a band live is the best way to take in their music and share the experience with other fans. Nothing else like it. I have been lucky to live in three parts of the country that attract a lot of attention for tours. Providence, Rhode Island — Northern Virginia (DC area) — and currently Los Angeles, CA. However, for as many shows as I have been fortunate enough to see, there are some bands that bit the dust before I got a chance to see them live.

There is the rare case when bands do eventually plan a reunion tour or decide to work together again. For example, I am so excied that I will get a second stab at one of my favirote bands growing up, Blink-182 this weekend. Could not be more thankful they are making music together again.

But for now; here are five bands that I am bummed I will never see perform live.

Jack and Meg White decided to call it quits last year, and when I head the news I was instantlly reminded of a text message I got from a friend when he saw them live. “Jack White is a god”. My buddy is a musician and I knew he admired Jack White’s musical ability and stage presence. Really wish I had a chance to catch The White Stripes live.

The Early November are a band I have been into since I was in high school and just loved. They had a few albums but, ‘The Rooms Too Cold’ is by far my favorite. Never saw them live, and they broke-up. They did play one reunion show recently back East but I did not get the opportunity to see it. Bummer.

TV/TV was a New York based pop/rock/synth band fronted by Josh Ocean. Wicked catchy tunes. I was introduced to the band just about 6 months before they decided to hang it up. The good news is however, Josh began working on a new project right away, Ghost Beach. Iconically enought Ghost Beach launches TODAY and you can download a the single, ‘Empty Streets’ for FREE! (Do it, it’s great). Hopefully I will get to catch Ghost Beach live when they start playing shows.

Ugh, The Starting Line. This one really breaks my heart. The Starting Line were, (in my opinion) the best pop/rock band of the early 2000s. They had killer hooks and the perfect balance of heart wrenching lyrics and power chords. They were simply amazing, but I never saw the live. They put out three-studio albums and a live album of their last show in 2009. They have played a few randsom shows recently but it is unclear if they are working on new material. I would really love to read the news on day that they are putting out new music again and are hitting the road — I will not miss them this time!

Midtown, Midtown, Midtown. In high school a friend (okay he was my boyfriend) made me a copy of, ‘Save The Girl, Lose The World’. Right away I as hooked and was in love with Gabe Saporta’s unconventional voice. I never had a chance to see them live, but I did get to hear a girl I went to high school brag about it for days. Since then Gabe has moved on to Cobra Starship and it does not look as if Midtown will be coming back anytime soon.

So I guess the moral of the story is try and see your favorite bands live as soon as you can, you never know how long they will be around.

What bands did you love that you never got a chance to see live?