The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Brit’s Fan – Britney One More Time! [SPECIAL BLOG]

October 24th, 1998

A date impressed in my heart forever

How could I forget the moment Britney entered in my life? She has come like a gentle breeze inside my heart and I can’t exactly describe the feelings I proved, because it’s something too much beautiful for to have an adjective. Too much deep? I don’t think so.

If you don’t like her or if you like her but you aren’t addicted like me, you will never understand my words, and this is not a problem, because everyone is different but you don’t know what you miss, I have to say you!

I will not going to write all the same stuff I wrote in the past blogs, because at least you already know the story to how I knew her, what I wanna write in this blog is something different, something that maybe it could make you reflect about who is for me Britney Spears and why I love her so much.

Britney is a human being, this is the first important fact I have to underline, because I think not all of the people still understood!

I love her and I chose to love her because she’s a really simply girl, with her fears and her aims, she loves what she does, she’s really determinated, she’s fucking talented and very professional!

She knows what means to be poor and to do sacrifices, a lot of celebrities when become famous, think only about the money and how to spend them!

She’s never been spoiled and her parents eked out literally!

When she became mother, she always gave to her children everything she could without spoil them and she’s a wonderful mother, what she learnt was thanks to her mother who has been really precious for her

People who always pointed the finger on Britney never understood all this and they are only jealous and envy of her!

I can say that there’s anything of more beautiful than Britney Spears on earth, she’s a pure soul! If you would to look in her eyes you could to see a light, a fire inside her deep eyes, that fire is the want she has to do what she does, she didn’t surrender in all of those years, either when she was falling down in the cruelest part of the world, she always had the strenght to go on!

And I don’t love her only because she sold over 100 million of copies worldwide or she won a Grammy or she had a star on Walk To Fame, I love her because she’s a true person!

So since that moment I saw her on the BOMT single cover till now and till the next 13 years and more I will always have this though in my head and I will continue to say what I wrote in this blog, I will continue to defend and to protect her because she’s my reason of life!

I can’t live without her!



Everyone of us (or the most part of them) have know Brit with her famous school outfit dancing and singing in the corridors and in the school gym

Check out this gallery about 40 BOMT Performances all over the years:


Also GLEE tv show did a tribute for this amazing smash hit with a Britney cameo:

For the occasion I made a little video about BOMT anniversary and I used BOMT “House Of Blues” Version because Brit was in a particular moment of her life when she did this small tour called M+M’s @ House Of Blues and then I wanted to do something different to the usual!I put all her best BOMT performances plus clips from a few of other her music videos

DEAR BRITNEY… – the letter I gave to Felicia for Britney: HERE

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Thanks for everything Britney,

you are the star who shines my days

Forever in my heart

Forever in my soul

With Love