The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – 13 Moments I Will Never Forget [LAST BLOG]

So here I am for the last blog dedicated to the greatest pop artist of the last 10 years.

I’m so proud about all your comments, all your questions and over all about your huge support along those last months, this means a lot for me, seriously.

Tomorrow it’s Oct 24, I’m so excited and I thought to a really special blog and stay tuned because really really soon I want your support again for Britney’s 30th BDay Action I’m planning to do, but I will talk about this in the next weeks.

I wanted to leave this blog as my last one because I think it wraps in the perfect way all the other 12 blogs and my 13 years with Britney: moments singed my life and my special link with her!

She knows all those moments because I wrote them in her letter

13. When my gymnastics teacher used “Baby One More Time” and “Crazy” for my gymnastics performance

I can say that I have a really good memory for every single stuff happened to me in whole my life. So this fact it’s happened in 1998 and I still remember how the thing has gone: I was at my gymnastics lesson and the teacher said us she thought to the song for the performance we had to do for Xmas performance then she pushed the “play” botton on the stereo and “Baby One More Time” started to play. Oh my God, I was so excited! Britney Spears music was the background for my performance, this was a dream! Then the teacher said we had to use also “Crazy” for another performance, when I come back home I called my best friend at that time, the one made me to know Britney, because she was sick and I said: Valentina, we will do the gymnastics performance on BOMT!!!!!! She was so excited too!

12. When I create a piece of choreo for a dance performance in 2004

From 2003 to 2005 I practise funky/hip hop dance then I passed only at hip hop, but in the first period I had a really cute teacher then arrived another one who was a totally stupid and sometimes she hadn’t the want to teach us steps for choreography, so in 2004 while we had to prepare the performance of the end of the year in summer, she said: “I won’t to teach today, create something on your own for the part we have to do yet!”, I was shocked and I thought: “I pay a course and then I have to do all on my own?” but doesn’t matter the song was Toxic and so I was happy to work about a part of choreo on my own, and I was really satisfied when I showed in the class the time after.

11. When I won another copy of “Blackout” in an Italian radio

On September 2010 in an Italian radio there was a Britney special and over to talk about Britney, her news for her upcoming album and listen her songs, there were some prizes they gave! You had to answer to the questions they asked during the show and the most quick won something about Britney. Thanks to the question: How many perfumes Britney launched till now? (including the upcoming Radiance) I said: 9 and I won another copy of Blackout album. I was really really happy! I had never won anything in my life before this and even though I already have a copy, there’s no end to what I can have about Britney even if it’s a duplicate xP

10. When I learnt her choreos

Since the beginning I started to learn her choreographies but it’s in 2003 that I started to take the things in a more serious way and to “clean” my moves and to rend all the steps in the better way I could. So I put my dvds on the pc and I started to dance on! My fav choreos are: Me Against The Music, I’m A Slave 4 U, (I Got That) Boom Boom, Circus, Hold It Against Me, Oops I did It Again and Till The World Ends

9. When I won another copy of Femme Fatale Premium Fan Edition + Radiance

Yes, I won it here on Buzznet, thanks to an awesome contest. My aim was mainly to win for Radiance perfume I didn’t have it yet, because the premium fan edition was on the way to home and I already had ordered, so now I keep this one, won on Buzznet as collection, while the other I use it playing on my stereo. When Elise contacted me for to say: You have won Britney’s contest! I started to run around my house and to scream that I have won and my dad for kidding said: Ok, so we can sell the other copy XD

8. When I’ve seen her on stage again in 2007 @ VMA’s

Ok, a lot of people still says that here Brit has been pathetic and a lot of other bad stuff. For me, here Britney has been awesome! I would like to see all those people who pointed the finger to dance with a broken heel and after have changed the choreo a couple of hours before and to have listened the guest Sarah Silvermann offends your children. I think you were out of mind! But Brit is so professional that she did it after all for her fans and as she said in For The Record documentary: “There aren’t bad performances. There are amazing performances and there are ok performances, you know”. For me it’s been a joy to see her on stage again and even though I could clearly see her sadness in her eyes, I could also see her huge strenght to go on!

7. The first time I saw For The Record

The first I watch this documentary I cried a lot, well I do it everytime I watch it if I have to be honest. It’s a really deep and true documentary where you can see who Britney Spears is: a human being

“I’m just like them. I love what I do, I love my babies and I work really hard” these are one of the last words Britney said to all the people have watched this documentary.

She’s so true and a down on earth woman, she passed bad and good moments just like every single people on this world and she’s a pure soul. If you didn’t watched it yet, you have to do it now!

6. When she shaved her head

So, this is not an easy point to describe and I chose it because I remember where I was in that moment and what I was doing and which has been my reaction. In that period Britney was passing a really bad moment, Kevin divorced (I remind that she found him in a NYC hotel with a bitch around alchool and drugs), her aunt Sandra death and depression after her second pregnancy because of the two points I said before. That day I was at home, it was a cold day, and I usually do, I wrote: britney spears on my Google search engine and I found a link where they said: Britney shaved her head! In the first moment I laughed before I thought to another joke about media or people who never believed in her so I searched on my own and I found the pics, I started to cry but not because she was shaving her head: “A lot of people shave own heads” Britney said in For The Record. But because I couldn’t do anything for to help her, I was there in front of the pc monitor with her photo printed in my eyes and my only thought was: I have to go to Britney! I have to stay with her! She needs me! But I couldn’t! Where I could to find her? I can only to think: Britney, my honey! I will pray for you! I will stay beside you with my heart, you need love! You haven’t to suffer! I know that this act of you is just for to leave out the past and to start a new life! You lost your dear aunt for an ovarian cancer, she made chemotherapy and she lost her hair too, so this act was also to be near to what your aunt was passing, nothing more!

I always defended her, and in that period my determination for to defend her was 1000 times bigger!

Anyone could and can permit to judge her without to know how the facts has gone!

5. When Britney announced her first pregnancy

Which is the most beautiful thing can happen to your idol if not the fact she’s pregnant? I was totally excited about this news, she was born with the idea to be a mom, she was perfect for to be a wonderful mom as her one has been with her! In the beginning she thought was a baby girl, I have to say that I would like to see her with a baby girl (also my mom said) but the most important thing is the health of own babies and even though people accused her to be a bad mom, I can say she’s a wonderful mommy with such a big heart. She could die for her children and when I’ve read she was pregnant it was like to know that I was becoming aunt, because I always thought Britney as part of my family.

4. When Britney won @ VMA 2011

Ok, you already know that I would like to do anything for Brit. This is one of them. I stayed up until 5:30am (Italian hour zone) just for to watch Britney @ VMA’s. She was stunning (she always is) and I’m so proud of her about her career and her huge talent and sweetness. When she won the BEST POP VIDEO AWARD I cried too X’D she was crying when she went on the stage for to do her speech and I was in tears and sending kissing at the tv XDDD she’s my joy!

3. When I dreamt about her in 2007

Also the stones know about this dream but I would like to write it once again, because it’s a particular dream.

A night Brit came in my dreams: I was at home, my pc was open and at one point a window in my pc opens and is a web cam connection with Brit in rehab… Brit was in an empty room and she was crying and ask me to help her… I started to cry with her and I tried to listen her and say her something good could makes to feel her better… Brit said me that she hated all this and she wanted leave all and don’t come back… and I told her to be strong because she is a strong girl and she must keep her alive for herself, and over all for her babies, she couldn’t abandon them and she couldn’t abandon me, because I felt me lost without her! And in the end she said me: thanks Irene, I wanted talk with you because I knew you could listen me and you’ve always been beside me and I could count on you. Thanks, I’ll listen your words. Love you!

From that moment I promised to myself to say it to her when I could, and I did, because now she has my letter and inside of it there’s also this dream.

2. When finally I see her in concert

I will be short, because everyone of you already know my experience, if not just click here

Finally my biggest dream (or one of the two biggest one) came true! And I still can’t believe it! My parents made me this huge gift to go to see Britney in Zurich and I couldn’t ask anything better! I will always keep this day in my heart: the fact I met Felicia and I gave to her the gift for Britney, the front row and Britney smile to me during How I Roll (for this reason I choose HIR pic) and all the other little moments before and after the concerts. Thanks so much Britney! See you next time!

1. First time I saw Britney

Also this fact is known to the most part of you, but again I would like to share it!

On October 24th I knew the most beautiful girl on earth: Britney Spears. I was at my friend Valentina’s home and she gave me this single saying is about a new singer and I was: wooow this is so cool! Britney Spears mh, you will become my reason of life! And then we listened the song and it was simply amazing!

This is another moment I will never forget you!