The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Interviews

October 24th is around the corner and this is the next to last blog dedicated to my Queen B, I’m really proud about all the blogs I wrote about her dedicated to this project in those months.

So this time I would like to talk about my fav interviews she did all over those years and how she always is nice and helpful to answer to the same questions for the most part of the time.

In this chart you will see Britney laughs, smiles, cries and talks about her life and what she loves the most!

I hope you like my countdown 😉

13. Third Appearance & Interview At TRL 1999

12. NFL Kick Off Interview 2003

11. Richard Blackwood Interview 2001

10. Femme Fatale Interview 2011

9. CNN Interview 2003

8. TRL Italy Interviww 2000

7. David Letterman Show 2006

6. Capital FM 2011

5. Go’ Morgen Denmark 2011

4. Diane Sawyer Interview 2003

3. Circus Interview 2008

2. Kiis FM Interview – 2011

1. Dateline Interview 2006

When she talks about her baby that he has to come (Sean Preston) she’s so adorable, she’s an awesome mother and woman, people never understood this! This is my fav interview ever about Britney! This is Britney Spears!


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