11 Signs That You’re Obsessed With Halloween

A lot of people adore Halloween, but how do you know if you’re super smitten with the hubble-bubble of the holiday?

By checking off the 11 Signs That You’re Obsessed With Halloween, duh!

11. You own at least one fog machine.
10. You have to fill the Candy Bowl twice because you ate the candy you bought to hand out the first time.
9. You DVR the Dracula, Vampire, Werewolf, and pretty much every History Channel specials that have anything to do with Halloween.
8. You scoff at the idea of store bought costumes. You make your own out of scissors, tape, sweat, and magic!
7. You don’t buy fake blood in a wussy little tube or capsule. You get it by the gallon.
6. You consider Candy Corn the official snack of the season.
5. You already decorated the majority of your house… three weeks ago!
4. You throw an annual Tim Burton movie marathon.
3. Even your pets get dressed up!
2. You don’t need any lousy pumpkin carving kit – you use a spoon and a blindfold.
1. You hit the streets with your sister’s, brother’s, mother’s, cousin’s, friend’s, neighbor’s, or pretty much anyone’s kid(s) for an excuse to go Trick or Treating yourself.

Are you guilty of being obsessed?I am.