Why Was Brenda Song Crying After Her Hospital Visit?

It was a pretty big shocker when it came out that Suite Life of Zack and Cody actress Brenda Song and Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace Cyrus were having a baby on the way. But an even bigger shocker was when Brenda’s mother announced that Brenda was “actually not pregnant… that’s not the way we raised her,” throwing everyone into confusion – what was THAT supposed to mean?

Now added to the mix is a photo from the other day of Brenda returning from the hospital and crying. X17 Online reports that Brenda returned from a hospital visit a few days ago along with boyfriend Trace Cyrus and his mom Tish. Some of the photos from X17 show Brenda wiping her eyes, causing speculation as to why Brenda was crying: Did she have a miscarriage? Did she get an abortion?

Here’s a photo from X17 Online:

An X17 photographer reported:

“Brenda seemed really upset. She was sobbing and covering her face and Trace was obviously really concerned. He helped Brenda out of the car — he appeared worried because she was weak.”

A couple of days later, everything seemed fine and Brenda and Trace were spotted lunching with Trace’s family in L.A.

Why do you think Brenda was crying after the hospital trip?