Track-By-Track Guide To Patrick Stump’s DELUXE ‘Soul Punk’

It was back in late July when a ‘Soul Punk’ tracklisting first began floating around the interwebs, but it was not until yesterday that Patrick Stump himself confirmed the details via his Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter etc. Not only did he tell us the tracks we all knew already (although correct some of the titles), he revealed details of a deluxe album. Can I have an ‘ooo’ please? Yes, it may be just another way to get us to spend more money but hey we’ve waited so long, we want the whole thing and more! So here’s my updated track-by-track preview guide. This is all you have to get you by until October 18th so enjoy!

1. ‘Explode’

‘Explode’ which was revealed to the world as Patrick’s first non-Spotlight solo song looks set to be the album opener. Who’s got a ticket to the end of the world? If so, you better get clapping along!

2. ‘This City’

To save embarrassment, you’ll want to refrain from attempting rapping along saying “What if I told you my city was the best?” because this version is Lupe-free. Fear not, Fiasco fans though as the single (referred to as the ‘remix’ by Patrick Stump) is still included as a bonus-track.

3. ‘Dance Miserable’

Despite the title of this song having been revealed over 6 weeks ago, we are still no more aware of what this song is even about let alone what it sounds like. It didn’t recieve a play over Patrick Stump’s recent headlining tour, but who knows it may make an appearance in his upcoming ‘Panic! At The Disco’ setlist.

4. ‘Spotlight (New Regrets)’

The inclusion of ‘Spotlight (New Regrets)’ is still a somewhat controversial choice. No, it is most definitely not an offensive track but it didn’t exactly earn its place on the album. Despite a poll of fans voting for ‘Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)’ to be included, the winning version ended up on the EP Truant Wave instead. What’s Patrick’s excuse? Well he says ‘New Regrets’ is a better fit for Soul Punk and Truant Wave was actually wrote around ‘Oh Nostalgia’.

5. ‘The “I” In Lie’

Since the first hints of this song, I’m still not sure of what porkies P-Stump has been telling so I’m sticking to my original theory that it was written because of the guilt of the ‘Soul Punk’s out in February’ fib. If Soul Punk coming out in October 18th turns out not to be true, Island Records better be prepared for the wrath of impatient fangirls.

6. ‘Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)’

The clever title almost feels like it belongs on a Fall Out Boy record but whether it sounds that way remains to be heard (although, it probably won’t). So what does it sound like? I don’t actually know but I like the name, so it’s a thumbs up so far.

7. ‘Greed’

So you liked ‘As Long As I’m Getting Paid’? Or did you freak out, convinced that all Patrick Stump wanted was money. If you fell into the latter category, just be aware that these lyrics will be most likely satirical. Get it now? No? Well it’s a “critique of materialism” anyway.

8. ‘Everybody Wants Somebody’

This song’s been a staple in Patrick Stump’s live shows ever since his debut performances back in April this year. It’s a great song live so hopefully it will be great on record too. If you want somebody who doesn’t want you who wants somebody else, this is for you. So in that case, this song is for everybody because everybody wants somebody who….(you get the idea with that).

9. ‘Allie’

Another song that Patrick Stump live show attendees (and Youtube footage creepers) will be familiar with is ‘Allie’. According to the man himself it’s an ode to “naive sexuality”. As I said before (and can’t say in any better way) – “It’s brilliantly catchy and features the best line about contraception ever written – “When you said you were protected, I thought you meant you had a gun” (Yes, I am aware there’s not much competition).” I do wonder whether there will be a ‘freeze’ on the album version however.

10. ‘Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better)’

Initially revealed on the track list as “It’s Gonna Get Better” but confusingly referred to as “Coast”, the album closer “Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better)” contains Patrick Stump’s favourite lyric – “Pointing out trivia nearly broke me with tragedy, so you need to put me back together.”. He told Broward Palm Beach New Times that “It’s kind of wordy and it’s not really that poignant, but it’s nice to have some kind of catharsis for once.”

11. Bonus Track: ‘This City (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)’

Although this is a bonus track, don’t worry if you only plan to buy the ‘basic’ album because this song is included for all. It’s most likely only referred to as a ‘bonus’ track because if not, it would contradict the fact ‘Soul Punk’ was all about Patrick Stump writing/producing/performing/generally doing everything himself.

Deluxe Version Extras:

12. ‘Bad Side Of 25’

Despite the general assumption that this song was too new to make Soul Punk when it first debuted live, its gained inclusion as a deluxe track. Age is a subject that Patrick Stump has frequently discussed in recent interviews and this songs puts all his thoughts about being the ‘bad side of 25’ with a melody. Looks like this is more cartharsis. The live version is also 6 minutes long and features a funk-meets-rock instrumental section which will please all the ‘old’ Fall Out Boy fans, as well as win over new.

13. ‘People Never Done A Good Thing’

Despite his hatred of grammatical errors on Twitter, this title is a little bit ‘street’. (N.B I am aware that questioning the missing ‘have’ inbetween ‘people’ and ‘done’ makes me sound like a grumpy old woman). Nobody knows what this one sounds like because Patrick Stump never done a talk about it.

14. ‘When I Made You Cry’

Cheer up, Patrick; I forgive you. Joking aside, I’m hoping expecting this is romantic (despite his previous comments about not writing ‘love songs’ as such).

15. ‘Mad At Nothing

Originally mentioned in an interview with back in February 2010 – yes, I got the year right – ‘Mad At Nothing’ was inspired by Conan O’Brien on his last episode of The Tonight Show. Patrick said “[Conan O’Brien] spoke to how cynical our generation is and how unfortunate that is. That’s what “Mad at Nothing” is about. I feel very strongly that we need to be a bit positive. It’s too bad that people relate to each other with sarcasm and misery – but that’s what we know.” In the interview, he then goes on to say how Truant Wave song “Love, Selfish Love” explores the same lyrical lines while taking a diss at Twitter users; oh the irony, @PatrickStump.

So that truly is it for Soul Punk for now. But the question still remains – where is Cryptozoology? Am I the only person who’s desperate for that song to not be left in the “ether”?